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If you have not entered our Drawing for the

Anmar® Party Magazine FREE front Cover........

Rev 01/13/2022

If you have not entered our 11th Drawing of a FREE front Cover.......

Keeping you posted on the next drawing of a FREE front cover, we have decided once again to make the entry forms available effective NOW until

December 31st, 2022  Sooner if possible 

abiding by the same rules and regulations.  

Who knows you might be the next front cover girl of 

Anmar® Party Magazine as our previous winners 

Stephanie Piñeiro, (1) Gabriela Rivera, (2)  Elianis Fonseca, (3)  Arianna Nicole George , (4) Ginesy Valencia, (5) Ashley Madrigal,  (6)

Melanie Gonzalez, (7) Emilee Tristen  de Lehigh Acres, Florida, (8)  Bianca Canton  (9) y Ashley Jiron (10)

  The winner of the 11th FREE Front Cover will be drawn and announced  at

South Florida Show selected later on

More details coming soon! at the 


The entry forms for you to fill in will be exclusively available at this show and also available and posted on our web sites: and, 

you can also request a form by writing to us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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