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Coco Plum Quince and Bridal Showcase  20-01-26

On behalf of Barb Ashcraft, Angel Diaz and their staff thank you! The Quince and Bridal Showcase on Sunday January 26th, 2020 at The Coco Plum Women’s Club in Coral Gables was a total success. Thank you to The Coco Plum for hosting this magnificent and elegant showcase. To all of those that made this show possible thank you! To all our Sponsors and to the best of the best vendors in the Event industry, to my co-host Tariq Creque, Zayas Quinceañera and Tuxedos for the fashion show, to Fairytale Designs by Cary for your stage decorations, to our friends Martica of AB Memories Video for capturing the moments and Marais Photography for keep sending us pics of this amazing show. Thank you! My team of dancers for an amazing performance and assistant choreographer’s Stephanie, Katherine, Frank and Melody thank you for representing my company Angel’s Choreography, you made it possible. LIVE performer Tonito, just amazing performance. Congratulations to all winners. To my wife Ained for all her support. Thank you! More pictures at the gallery of pics at

¡En nombre de Barb Ashcraft, Angel Díaz y su personal, gracias! El show Exclusivo para Quinceañeras y Novias del sur de Florida que se llevó a cabo el domingo 26 de Enero de 2020 en el histórico Coco Plum Women’s Club de Coral Gables fue un éxito total. Gracias al Coco Plum por patrocinar este magnífico espectáculo para las quinceañeras y novias en Florida. Y a todos los que hicieron posible este espectáculo, ¡gracias! A todos nuestros patrocinadores y a los mejores proveedores de la industria de eventos, a mi coanfitrión Tariq Creque, Zayas Quinceañeras y Tuxedos por un increíble desfile de modas, a Fairytale Designs by Cary por sus decoraciones y más, a Tonito por su actuación en vivo súper especial a nuestros amigos Martica de AB Memories Video por capturar los momentos a  Marais Photography por seguir enviándonos fotos de este increíble espectáculo. ¡Gracias! Mi equipo de bailarines  por su magnífica actuación coreográfica y coreógrafos asistentes, Stephanie, Melody, Katherine y Frank gracias por representar las coreografías de Angel’s Choreography, ustedes lo hicieron posible. A mi equipo de Anmar® Party y Angel’s Choreography Ained Diaz, Gisela Ridriguez y Jainette, gracias. Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores, 

Visite la galeria de fotos para mas fotos

Read more and take a look at the pictures 

200425PM Paola's First Quince Rehearsal 

Damos comienzo a la producción coreográfica de Paola Méndez bajo la dirección de Angel’s Choreography Angel Diaz and Daylene Oliva. Not only Angel’s Choreography Angel Diaz is in charge of her choreograph dances that promise to be a total success (un éxito), but also he’s in charge of her entire event as her Master of Ceremonies, Event Planner, Party and Vendor Coordinator. This magnificent Event “Flower Themed”, will be celebrated at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Ft, Lauderdale April 25th, 2020. Rocking this event South Florida Elite vendors: J Garcia Photography, AB Memories Video Production, Art of Flowers, Master Musicians, ACD ECake Chef Evelyn, Nytro Men Group, Fotolaughs Photo booth, DJ William, Zayas Quinceañeras, Tuxedo Center, and Fashion Designer Gianna Azar. Angel's Choreography Angel Diaz, Daylene Oliva and Ained Diaz are rocking this event!


Corona Virus 19 Advise

Coronavirus Health Advise: Following recent reports about coronavirus disease in Dade, Broward, Lee and other Florida Counties, Anmar® Party Magazine and Angel’s Choreography continues to operate with the health and safety of our community with your help as the very top priority.

To all our present and future clients please make sure there are plenty HAND SANITIZER at the rehearsal site. Please keep yourself up to date for important updates and tips to help combat the spread of the disease. #Coronavirus #coronav19 #AngelsChoreography #AnmarPartyMagazine #teamangelmakingmemories #305quince #quinceañeras #quinceanera #quinceaños #misquinceaños #quinceañeramiami #quinceañera #quinceaños #sweet16  #sweet16s 


Asesoramiento sobre salud de coronavirus: Tras informes recientes sobre la enfermedad de coronavirus en Dade, Broward, Lee y otros condados de Florida, Anmar® Party Magazine y Angel’s Choreography continúan operando con la salud y la seguridad de nuestra comunidad con su ayuda como la principal prioridad.


Para todos nuestros clientes actuales y futuros, asegúrese de que haya suficiente DESINFECTANTE DE MANOS en el sitio de ensayo. Manténgase actualizado sobre actualizaciones importantes y consejos para ayudar a combatir la propagación de la enfermedad. #Coronavirus #coronav19 #AngelsChoreography #AnmarPartyMagazine #teamangelmakingmemories #305quince #quinceañeras #quinceanera #quinceaños #misquinceaños #quinceañeramiami #quinceañera #quinceaños #sweet16  #sweet16s 


Social Media Addiction

By: Jainette Figuerola

February 27th, 2020


Have you ever had an uncontainable urge to log on to and use social media? If yes, then you might be a social media addict. Though some research has been done on the causes and effect and internet use, that social media addiction remains a topic that has been very difficult to define.


In the current era, social media is quite prevalent throughout society, thereby making it hard to avoid. Since it has become a part of our developed world.


Today, I have the opportunity to explain to you the impacts of social media addiction. There are four major impacts of social media addiction that include; Potential psychological impact, Interpersonal impact, Organizational impact, Health communication impact.


Let us start with the potential psychological impact that most of us can relate to. Studies link social media addiction with depression, long-term anxiety, and attention deficit. Some research on internet addiction has shown side effects similar impulse control disorder.


The relationship between social media and depression is complex.  However, researchers have proposed a phenomenon known as “Facebook depression” that comes about when children and youths spend a lot of time on social media sites and then start to demonstrate classic symptoms of depressions.


While this problem seems to be widespread across many countries, some research shows Millennials to be most affected by this condition. College students in particular seem to be at a greater risk than other demographics of becoming addicted to social media.


Social Media is used as a coping skill when one is stressed, it ultimately leads to anxiety in the future. Having touch on the potential psychological impact of social media addiction, let us move on to interpersonal impact. Although social media was designed to bring people closer together by apparently, it’s making many feels left out. Teens with high social emotional well-being experience this less than teenagers with low social emotional well-being. 



Social Media addiction adversely affects interpersonal relationships. Ruined relationships and failed marriages have now been added to the list of negative effects of social media. When people pay more attention to their social network than their partners, it becomes challenging to build or enhance a relationship. One in three divorces is caused by social media disagreements.



Another big concern is that social media addicts make poor choices like scrolling through their social media apps while driving. On average, distracted driving kills or injured thousands of people.

I also want to mention that teenage addiction to social media is responsible for sleep deprivation.


Some of social media drawbacks lie with the loss of nonverbal context, isolation factor, and socialization. Social Media platforms focusing on “likes” or “follows” mirror nonverbal actions that impact user’s engagement on social media. Social Media users from engaging in face-to-face interactions frequently, and hence promotes isolation. In terms of socialization impact, social media contributes to cyberbullying.


According to smartphone addiction statistics an average person checks their phones 52 times daily. Teens who spend over five hours a day on social media are more vulnerable to suicide compared to teens who only use social networks of an hour a day. Even though thirty four percent of young adult’s experience fear of missing out when not on social media, while twenty two percent of adults share that feeling.   


Besides, psychological and interpersonal impacts, social media addiction is associated with organizational impact. At the workplace, social media addiction interferes with corporate culture and leads to disruptions. Social media may either promote or intimidate an organization’s corporate culture. Casual social media use leads to distraction.


Social media addiction is also associated with health communication impact. The use of social media in health communication may lead to unethical problems, with healthcare professionals violating patient confidentiality by posting various patient cases online.


In conclusion, social media has made a big impact in our lives making it somehow more convenient. However, there are negative consequences that come with it. There is no doubt that frequent social network usage leads to harmful effects on the Potential psychological impact, Interpersonal impact, Organizational impact, and Health communication impact of the well-being of its users.


I believe everyone needs to unplug from social media every now and then. In this world that we are always connected, it is a necessary action to take. It will help us live emotionally and personally healthier and fuller lives.

Angel’s Choreography 

La Valse at Sunset

Bridal and Quince Showcase at the Coco Plum 1-26-2020

Angel’s Choreography – The Whole of the Moon –

Bridal and Quince Showcase at the Coco Plum 1-26-2020

Coming in December 2021…….

Southwest Florida / Naples Quinceañera Isabella Castillo will be celebrating her Dream come true,  her Flower/Rose Theme Quince Celebration at the Heritage Bay Country Club in Naples, Angel’s Choreography Team moving ahead and the preparation got started, moving ahead with ample time make this type of event definitely Angel’s way, a total success ! Congratulation Isabella.

La joven del suroeste de Florida de Naples Isabella Castillo hará su sueño una realidad, la celebración de sus Quince años bajo el tema de Rosas y el cual tendrá lugar en el Heritage Bay Country Club de la ciudad de Naples, el equipo de Angel’s Choreography bajo la dirección de Angel Diaz ya comenzaron con las preparativos, no cabe la menor duda que este tipo de evento preparándose con antelación suficiente definitivamente será a la manera de Angel, ¡un éxito total! Enhorabuena Isabella.


Words cannot express my appreciation

to all dancers, my assistants, Isabella parents, to Tonito, to Gloria Marroquin. To Martica and staff from AB Memories Video, to Marais from Marais Photography and Staff, to Cary of Fairytale Designs to Zayas Quinceañera and Tuxedos.  You guys really rocked big time, I do have the best team of vendors, dancers and choreographers in South Florida. Yes we are ready for the next show. Thanks again team, you are the best!   

Ángel Diaz

(More Pictures coming soon!)


Angel’s Choreography Team

Last night during one of the choreography rehearsals. Getting ready, for the LIVE 5  Star Quince and Wedding Choreography been presented LIVE at the Quince and Bridal Showcase on Sunday January 26th, 2020   at The Iconic and Historic Coco Plum Women’s Club  in Coral Gables. Participating: Leydi Paula, Daniel Alonso, Ashley Garcia, Denisse Alvarez, Celia Marroquin, Indarys Quintana, Ignacio Cordova, Isabella Sastre, Luis Depestre, Gabriela McCloud, Gabriel Bran, Briannet Borrego Rosalie  Placeres, Octavio Cordova, Damarys Alvarez, and Cassandra Hernandez  with choreographers Angel Diaz , Stephanie Fernandez , Katherine Sanchez and Melody Rodriguez – Assisting Ained Diaz,  Frank Fernandez, Gloria Marroquin  and many more, thanks to Juan and Marlene Sastre for allowing us to do the rehearsals at their residence. Best Dancing team.  This group really rocked!  …….


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