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 The winner of the 7th FREE Front Cover will be drawn and announced on a quince show in  2018.

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171104 - iMater Quinceañeras IV 2017 Event 

171104 - iMater Quinceañeras IV Event 

" Travel  The World Gala Theme Event" 

" Alrededor del mundo Evento de Gala  de Quinceañeras"

 Este es nuestro cuarto año celebrando y haciendo posible el sueño de estas jovencitas una realidad

 Los mejores proveedores en el giro de las fiestas del Sur de la Florida

se unen de nuevo para este gran  Evento Social  


Surrounded by Land, Cattle, definitely nice people and the 11:00am Miami heat at the Zubieta Farm in Miami the last rehearsal of Brianna’s Cubanisimo Havana Night Production took place, after 4 weeks without any rehearsal these group today did wonderful, Cathy and I Angel of Angel’s Choreography are very proud of this cast. One more to go next week at the Venue, then the big day on



171022EP Emily Peralta  " Enchanted Forest "  theme Quince Celebration.

We had the pleasure of meeting  Emily's friends , which will be participating in her 15 event coming up on  October 22nd, 2017, these group of youngstersi, are very  excited to be part of her  Quince (15) Celebration .  Angel's Choreography team Angel Diaz, Ained Diaz and Daylene Oliva will make her dream come true!!!  #Quinces #QuincesDoneRight #MiamiQuinces #QuincesInMiami #Fifteens #Sweet16s #Sixteens #teamangelmakingmemories

Hoy tuve la oportunidad de reunirme con los participantes de la corte de Emily Peralta, la cual celebrara su fiesta de 15 años el proximo 22 de Octubre de 2017, sera una gran producción,  coreográfica bajo la dirección de Angel's Choreography, Angel Diaz, Ained Diaz  y Daylne Oliva #teamangelmakingmemories

Síganos para mantenerlos al tanto de este gran evento con todas las sorpresas que traerá antes y después. Las  fotos de sus ensayos, su corte y los pormenores que sucedieron antes y durante y detalles de la fiesta en una especie de Reality Show al estilo ANGEL´S CHOREOGRAPHY pueden ser vistas en nuestra página web en la galería de fotos en www.angelschoreography.com Visitela! 




Contest - Seventh Drawing News

Contest / Concurso - FREE Front Cover  Seventh Drawing

Seventh Contest - In 2018 FREE Front Cover Photo in One of Our Editions  

170924 VIII Annual VIP Exclusive Quinceañera Showcase at the Miami Dadeland Marriott Hotel 

Wow! so many pictures, so many compliments from so many friends and Social Media followers, that I can only say Thank You!! and from all those pics we decided once again to make them public via our print magazine.

Top Image Left to right  Marlon, Yordanis, Angel, Yordanka, Ruben and Ashley

Very Honor to be a part of this celebration - I did Yordanka's Quinces,  and her cousin Ashley Samantha Romero Quinces , then  a short while back I did Yordanka Cuña and Ruben Cordero wedding  and now Yordanka parents Yordanis and Marlon 25th Wedding Anniversary, I do feel like  I am a member of this family and there is more to come, Thank you.. For more pictures of this event please visit the gallery of pictures at www.angelschoreography.com



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Brianna's Hip Hop Dance rehearsals taken place with Cathy Medina and Angel Angel E Diaz of Angel's Choreography


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