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Rev 07/31/2020

If you have not entered our 11th Drawing of a FREE front Cover.......

Keeping you posted on the next drawing of a FREE front cover, we have decided once again to make the entry forms available effective NOW until

July 15th, 2021  Sooner if possible 

abiding by the same rules and regulations.  

Who knows you might be the next front cover girl of 

Anmar® Party Magazine as our previous winners 

Stephanie Piñeiro, (1) Gabriela Rivera, (2)  Elianis Fonseca, (3)  Arianna Nicole George , (4) Ginesy Valencia, (5) Ashley Madrigal,  (6)

Melanie Gonzalez, (7) Emilee Tristen  de Lehigh Acres, Florida, (8)  Bianca Canton  (9) y Ashley Jiron (10)

  The winner of the 11th FREE Front Cover will be drawn and announced  at

South Florida Show selected later on

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The entry forms for you to fill in will be exclusively available at this show and also available and posted on our web sites: 

 wwww.anmarpartymagazine.com and www.angelschoreography.com, 

you can also request a form by writing to us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Anmar Party and Angel's Choreography Notice 

On behalf of the entire Anmar® Party Magazine, Anmar® Party Coordinators and Angel’s Choreography teams, I hope this notice finds you in good health. We continue to monitor the impact of The Corona Virus and make daily adjustments to address this evolving situation. We continues to operate with the health and safety of our community as the very top priority.
Anmar® Party Magazine: Have temporarily paused our Magazine distribution, although #38th 2020 Spring Edition were Issamari Ferrer feature on the front cover is available on most of our magazine racks at all distribution center. Anmar® Party Magazine will delay the #39th Print Edition until 2021, as of today’s date.
If before the year 2020 ends there is a solution regarding the Corona Virus and our event industry business, then I will resume immediately with such edition. Stay in tunes with us via all our social media platforms and our web site www.anmarpartymagazine.com
Your ad published on #38th Edition will remain on our web site Vendors section until the next print edition comes out and it continues with all emails blast promoting your business.
Angel’s Choreography, Anmar® Party Coordinators: 2 out 6 Quinces events already postponed to 2021 and the other 4 to a future date. We will be resuming our weekly event Quince and Wedding rehearsals as soon as is SAFE, we are indeed following the city and government guidelines and keeping very important in our case the Social gathering distance.
For now Flexibility when planning, booking or rebooking upcoming events is our priority. Keep following us on all our social media platform and on our web sites www.angelschoreography.com .
When you're ready to plan your next event again, we're ready to serve your party needs, and Angel’s Choreography will keep rocking you!
Until then, please stay safe and continue to care for your families, friends, and communities.
Angel Diaz

Camila Cabrera 15 Celebration Coming Soon!

I had the pleasure of meeting Camila Cabrera sister of Berly one of my ex Quinceañeras and her parents, at La Bonita Hacienda Venue in SW Miami, place chosen for her Quince celebration which will be held on April 24th, 2021. I am honored once again to be able to do my ex Quinceañeras sisters Quince celebration.  I feel the excitement with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Lisbeth and Camilo Cabrera, her uncles Mr. and Mrs. Osvaldo and Marlene Ferrer owners of La Bonita Hacienda. Getting South Florida elite vendors together for this celebration among them, AB Memories Video, Zayas Quinceañeras, I Fashion Photos, Choreographers, Master of Ceremonies and Event Coordinator Angel Diaz, Katherine Sanchez of Angel's Choreography and Ained Diaz, will be rocking this event.   


Tuve el placer de conocer a Camila Cabrera, hermana de Berly una de mi ex Quinceañeras y a sus padres, en La Bonita Hacienda lugar en el SW de Miami elegido para su celebración de Quince que se llevará a cabo el 24 de abril de 2021. Me siento honrado una vez más de poder ser el coordinador, coreógrafo y maestro de ceremonia de un miembro de la familia de una de mi ex Quinceañeras. Siento la emoción con sus padres, el Sr. y la Sra. Lisbeth y Camilo Cabrera, sus tíos, el Sr. y la Sra. Marlene y Osvaldo Ferrer, propietarios de La Bonita Hacienda. Y ya estoy reuniendo a los proveedores élite del sur de la Florida para esta celebración entre ellos, AB Memories Video, Zayas Quinceañeras, I Fashion Photos, Coreógrafos, Maestro de Ceremonias y Coordinador de Eventos, Angel Diaz de Angel's Choreography, Katherine Sanchez  y Ained Diaz, juntos haremos este evento vibrar. 

Angel's Choreography Issamari Ferrer “A Cinderella story”.

Cenicienta Quinces with Angel's Choreography October 12th, 2019

Click on the link below


Thank you Martica of AB Memories for this video


You’re Invited to the
The Signature Grand Bridal & Quince Show!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
5:30 PM to 9 PM

For more information, please call (954) 424-4000.


Signature Grand Bridal and Quince Show is already making a big buzz in South Florida. Join the extravaganza on Tuesday January 19, 2021, from 5:30-9:00 PM to experience and see the very best in bridal and quince gowns fashion, LIVE Choreography for Quince and Weddings by Angel's Choreography, makeup artists, music services, photography, video, lighting, limousine services and more. If you have an upcoming special event, come to the Signature Grand Bridal and Quince Show for decoration ideas, themes and enjoy cocktails and lavish buffets all included in one ticket price!


Join us at the Planning Seminar on line

Angel Diaz of Angel’s Choreography Party Coordinators and Anmar® Party Magazine

Invites you to join us Sunday June 7th at 2:00pm

At the Planning Seminar on Line

Grab a chair, pencil and paper and be ready to plan your next Quince, Wedding or any other type of Celebration

Let’s Party…

We keep rocking you!

Click on this link.

Angel’s Choreography “The FREE Planning Seminar on line”

Click on the link below on Sunday June 7th at 2:00pm or on Monday June 9th at 2:00pm


In case you can't make it on Sunday, we will have another broadcast on Monday June 9th at 2:00pm


Dear Quinceañeras, Parents and Families,

As the world crisis continues to develop, we hope this finds you, healthy and embracing the safety measures that appear to be the new normal for now.

With States beginning the process of reopening there are still many unknowns about when and if we will be able to gather in large numbers again soon. Our primary concern is the safety of our clients and we thank you for patiently waiting to hear our plans for 2020 / 2021.

We miss dancing with you and are eager to see you again soon, however, as of today the state and federal guidelines have not been relaxed related to gatherings in large numbers. However we are ready as soon as those Federal Guidelines gives us an ok. We are ready!

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support. We look forward to continuing to be a valuable part of your future event.

Angel’s Choreography is always here for you!
Kind regards,

Angel’s Choreography – Anmar® Party Coordinators

Angel Diaz


Queridas Quinceañeras, Padres y Familias,

A medida que la crisis mundial continúa desarrollándose, esperamos que este comunicado los encuentre, saludable y abrazando las medidas de seguridad que parecen ser la nueva normalidad por ahora.

Con los Estados comenzando el proceso de reapertura, todavía hay muchas incógnitas sobre cuándo y si podremos reunirnos en grandes cantidades nuevamente pronto. Nuestra principal preocupación es la seguridad de los participantes en las coreografías  de nuestros clientes, como a su vez son sus invitados y le agradecemos por esperar pacientemente para escuchar nuestros planes para 2020 / 2021.

Echamos de menos bailar con ustedes  y estamos ansiosos por volver a verlos pronto, sin embargo, hasta la fecha de hoy, las pautas estatales y federales no se han relajado en relación con las reuniones en grandes cantidades. Sin embargo tan pronto esas restricciones sean levantadas. Ya estaremos listos!

Gracias de antemano por su comprensión y apoyo. Esperamos continuar siendo una parte valiosa de su futuro evento.

Angel’s Choreography siempre estará aquí para usted.

Saludos cordiales,

Angel’s Choreography – Anmar® Party Coordinators

Angel Diaz


Celebrations - Street Party - School Graduation

The Quinceañera Big Ball with friends and family 
is a youthful casualty of the coronavirus
but in the meantime there are way to celebrate.
An event like this graduation can be turn into a
Quinceañera Celebration
Give me a call at 
(305) 772-4886 and I will personalized
and coordinate your event, as you wanted to be.
La gran fiesta de Quince Años  con amigos y familiares 
es una víctima juvenil del coronavirus,
pero mientras tanto hay forma de celebrar.
Un evento como esta graduación puede convertirse 
en una celebración de Quinceañera
Llámeme al (305) 772-4886 y personalizaré y 
coordinaré su evento, como usted quiera que sea.
 Video courtesy of AB Memories Video Production

Get your Wedding / Quince Event Planning Services for FREE

Plan it NOW for a later date
Angel's Party Planning Service, It's offering a complete planning service Free of charge. 
Call today for details (305) 772-4886 and receive a FREE Location for your 
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